“Potenciar” Model of Security, Risks and Crisis Management
for Continuity, Innovation and Development

Improvement Tools Applicable in All Areas of Life, People and Organizations

Generate a Competitive Advantage in Your Organization and
Work Team, with Innovation and Leadership

The different types of crises and risks must pass through the appropriate phases of management with intelligence and will, in a permanent cycle over time, to avoid their destructive capacity, and thus increase the benefits, results and well-being of people, organizations and countries

Build Trust and Hope for a Better World with Proactivity
and Effective Prevention and Security

Leadership for Development and Well-Being with Strong Commitment and Teamwork


Advantages we offer you

We manage the Potenciar Management System.

Potenciar allows the integration, development and synergy of elements that ensure better results and benefits for your organization based on:

  • Consulting, training and certification.
  • Crisis and risk management (focus on before they show their destructive capacity and damage)
  • Increases the permanence and continuity over time of organizations.

Our Clients

JEM Engineering

We are proud to be part of the strategic development of our Client JEM ENGINEERING LLC, which is a world-renowned company dedicated to providing antennas and antenna systems for military and commercial applications; Its headquarters are located in Maryland - USA and it works with companies and organizations related to the Aerospace industry.

JEM ENGINEERING LLC, is on the way to prepare and implement the Potenciar Management System, based on the Potenciar 1224: 2019 implementation guide, its main executives have received internal auditor and lead auditor training in reference to this guide to implementation. Its certification process with Potenciar International LLC is planned for the month of November 2020. JEM ENGINEERING LLC, is an organization certified in ISO 9001: 2015, and is in the process of implementing AS9100, the organization has found in the Potenciar Management System an effective tool to strengthen its effectiveness and efficiency in the technical management of crisis typologies, which has brought important benefits and economic results and has allowed it to strengthen its Management Systems in general.


Publications and News

Libro: POTENCIAR, 10 Phase Model for Managing Security, Risks & Crisis for Continuity, Safety, Innovation and Safety

We are pleased to make the Potenciar Book in its English version available to the public in all places of the world. The book details in its lines, the Potenciar Model and its Management System, aimed at managing types of crisis and risks before they show their phases of destruction and damage; generating hope for a better world, overcoming adversity, increasing profits and performance of organizations and businesses, providing trust and satisfaction to customers and stakeholders. The book is available in the best digital and physical bookstores around the world, you can find it on Amazon: POTENCIAR, 10 Phase Model for Managing Security

We are preparing the launch of this second edition of the book in English with the support of the House of Ecuadorian Culture, for the first days of November 2020.

Our Values
  • Teamwork.
  • Perseverance.
  • Ethics and social responsibility.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Competitiveness and innovation.

Main Ideas in Regards to the Potenciar Model:

  • The types of crisis and risks do not appear or disappear, they are present all the time, we permanently experience the phases of their management or lack of management. Yes, we can improve the management of those caused by us humans.
  • The problem is not in the crisis; the problem is in its proper handling before and after.
  • We work to build well-being, continuity and development.

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